Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3

Harder to get up this morning that it has been since we have been here. Thankfully Marie was able to tempt us out of bed with a big breakfast. Today was our first VBS and it was quite an experience. We went down to the park and gathered up kids. Knocking on doors and getting permission was a new experience for me. The kids really seemed enjoy the songs and the crafts. We have a new dance to show everyone when we get home. It was great to relax with the group in between events. David cooked us dinner and then we made popcorn and lemonade for movie night.

It has been fun to get to know the kids and for them to get to know us as well. Everyone seems very excited about tomorrow and going to Sebago Lake. We have been told that there is a huge turnout for beach days. The kids were watching Marie and Lars make PB and J sandwiches and hoping that they would be getting them tomorrow.

Pray for us as we continue to support each other and the community here in the Kennedy Park neighborhood. Patience gets a little thin as we all get tired. Looking forward to getting some sleep tonight.