Friday, July 31, 2009

I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to mention the Rootcellar Staff. Kurt, Clark, Peggy, Christine, Martin, Becky and Jamilah, just to name a few, all work hand in hand to create the best christian atmosphere possible.

he rootcellar does look after spiritual needs but, there are other needs as well. The community is very diverse and many of it's inhabitants are in need of jobs, schooling, and just all around support. They have a learning center here where after school homework is worked on, important meetings may be held, kids can go online for various purposes and, I even observed to people studying for their citizenship test!

If you think the staff here do all this alone then guess again. The keyword here is Volunteer! The Rootcellar has many volunteers that do many different things here. There is the clothing distribution once a week here...volunteers. The landscaping around the property...volunteer. The people helping out with afterschool homework...volunteers! The list goes on for the needs are many but, God has provided the building, the resources and the help! Plus, with the full-time staff here to oversee everything plus perform their own duties, The Rootcellar will be here for many years to come.