Friday, July 31, 2009



I just got home about an hour ago and I'm starting to wind down from my trip.

Every evening that we were in Maine, we did something called "Reflections." We'd go around the room, one by one, and talk about our day. What we liked, what we learned, what we hoped would get the picture.

If I were to reflect on the week I guess I'd have to say something like this; "The kids, who formed part of our team, Jesse Anderson, Mattie Klouse, Hannah Scruton and Marcel Anderson, are four of the brightest, most intelligent and waaay awesome kids I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They were a perfect example of God's love shining through. The neighborhood kids were drawn to them and almost immediately became friends with them. The adults from the Rootcellar and the neighborhood all commented on "what great kids they well behaved...their parents must be proud!" Their parents should be proud because they've raised their children in Spirit filled homes and it shows outside the home.

Lars and Marie Anderson are two people who are not afraid of hard work and heavy lifting! No matter what had to be moved, lifted, shifted or just sliden across a floor, they were there. Plus, their interaction with the kids was great to watch. No nonsense Marie was the disciplinarian. Paired off with Lar's easy going, "let's get a game going" style, they were a perfect match. Tracy and Sarah have the VBS and Arts and Crafts thing all sewn up! They came up with Bible stories, songs and crafts when the Rootcellar found themselves in a bind, and they did it with very little or no time at all to spare. That was amazing to watch!

Every one of the above mentioned worked hard and without complaining. Individually their goal was to bring happiness into the lives of children that might not see it all the time. Collectively, they all wanted to make a difference while we were there. If that meant playing a game, coloring a picture, holding a baby, preparing lunches for 40 people, or helping to distribute food or clothing, they did it with a genuine smile and no complaints. They truly are an awesome team and I was lucky to work with them!