Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 4 - Thursday

Greetings from Portland!

Today is Thursday, day 4 of our trip. It is probably my favorite day of the trip as we had a chance to really connect with the kids on a one to one basis. The root cellar sponsors a "beach day" once a week for the kids during the summer. They pack about 60 kids on their school bus (a donation from someone in an area church), and head off to one of the area lakes.

This week was Sebago Lake, which the kids informed me was one of their favorite beaches. We made millions of PB&J sandwiches (all of which were gobbled down), some chips and cookies that you senders lovingly baked and sent us off with. The kids are so appreciative of the food as many days when their parents are working in some cases multiple jobs, they don't always have food available for them at home.

What I loved most about this day, is to see the pure joy in the faces of the kids as they lightheartedly splashed, swam and were able to just be kids. I especially saw this in the older kids as they are burdened by the responsibility of their younger siblings all day. They could just relax and have fun.

When I handed out sandwiches I had them each give me one fact about themselves before I handed over their bag. They seemed to enjoy telling me their stories, some of which are hard to hear or imagine for such young lives. I know that God has used us this week to help to share the love of Christ with these happy little wet faces! We are homeward bound tomorrow [Friday] , see you all on Sunday. Thanks for your prayers and support as senders into this mission field.