Friday, July 31, 2009

Greetings OSLC!

We are having a wonderful time. It is amazing how God works. We have a plan and God has a better plan.

VBS on Wednesday our plan was gather 20 or so kids at from the local park, herd them to the Root Cellar for VBS at 12:00. Our team gathered 6 kids by 12:15 and we figured that was it, 12:45 the word had gotten out and we had 40 kids singing, doing crafts and hearing The Word.

During reflections every evening the common theme is that we go into the day with our plan and reflect on the fact that God had an entirely different and better plan. Today Marie and David stayed at the Root Cellar to work on the clothing distribution while Tracy, Sarah, the kids and I rode the Root Cellar school bus with 50 Root Cellar kids to Sebago Lake. Everyone had a great time. It is awesome to watch the OSLC kids playing with the kids from the Root Cellar.

Tonight we helped a local church put on a dinner for the Root Cellar community. The kids helped serve dinner, and we lead the kids in a mini VBS of prayer, bible readings, and Sunday school songs. We surprised Jessie with a cake and party to celebrate her 9th birthday! All of the kids have done an amazing job, and have been complimented by the Root Cellar staff on their excellent behavior, kindness, work ethic, and how well they work and play with all the other kids at the Root Cellar. The Root Cellar ministry is truly a blessing, especially when you see all the ways that the spirit of Christ is working here.