Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello OSLC family,

Although we are only an hour away, we find ourselves amidst such cultural differences that we feel much farther away from Topsfield.

Day two was a test of trust and patience for us, especially for me (the queen of planning). Our day took shape in ways that we hadn't planned or expected--we took the kids who came up to the Root Cellar looking through the window waiting for us, down into their neighborhood to pick up trash.

Their reward was a well air conditioned play room full of pool tables, video games and snacks. It's so evident that these kids depend so much on this center for their supervision during the day, meals and a sense of community. May God continue to bless this ministry as I don't know how some of these families would get by without them. It has been awesome to watch our team's integration into this community through the eyes of our kids. The Root Cellar kids have already adopted us as one of them (as they truly see the Root Cellar as an extension of their families). We spent the afternoon handing out lemonade on a walking trail. Our kids working with their kids having fun, playing together.